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Andrea Richardson

ANDREA RICHARDSON, M.D., Ph.D., is the inaugural Peter and Judy Kovler Professor in Breast Cancer Research. She was recruited to the Johns Hopkins Departments of Pathology and Oncology in 2015 as an associate professor and to serve as the director of breast pathology and the director of pathology for the National Capital Region. In these leadership roles, she has helped integrate the three-hospital National Capital Region division of the Department of Pathology into a cohesive and unified group of talented pathologists. On the clinical front, Dr. Richardson maintains a pathology practice at Sibley Memorial Hospital. She is recognized as an expert in the genetics and pathobiology of breast cancer. Her research is focused on characterizing the molecular aberrations that define clinically important subtypes of breast cancer. In particular, she has made major contributions to the development of novel tissue-based molecular assays to guide therapy for women with breast cancer. Dr. Richardson is considered a leader in her field, frequently invited to present at regional, national, and international conferences in the areas of molecular pathology and breast cancer pathology, and has co-authored more than 140 peer-reviewed publications and articles.