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Edward G. McFarland

McFarlandEDWARD G. McFARLAND, the inaugural Wayne H. Lewis Professor of Orthopaedics and Shoulder Surgery, joined Hopkins faculty in 1992 and has a distinguished career as a shoulder surgeon and clinical investigator. He established the sports medicine service and was instrumental in developing the outpatient practice for the School of Medicine’s Department of Orthopaedics. Appointed professor of orthopaedic surgery in 2005, Dr. McFarland specializes in shoulder injuries as well as other shoulder conditions that require surgical intervention. He is the author of over 130 articles and has given hundreds of talks and presentations to the orthopaedic surgery community in the U.S. and throughout the world. His recent textbook, Examination of the Shoulder: A Complete Guide, is considered already to be a landmark in the field.