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Gabrielle Dean

GABRIELLE DEAN, PhD, is the William Kurrelmeyer Curator of Rare Books & Manuscripts at the Sheridan Libraries, the Librarian for the Writing Seminars, and Lecturer for the Program in Museums and Society at Johns Hopkins University. She is also the associate editor of Archive Journal and an editorial board member of the Dickinson Electronic Archives. Her research focuses on the exchanges between textual and visual culture during the industrial era of print, and on the history of the archival imagination. She has published in the journals Digital Humanities Quarterly, Modernism/modernity, The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies, and Textual Cultures, among others, and in the collections Primary Stein, edited by Janet Boyd and Sharon J. Kirsch, Emily Dickinson in Context, edited by Eliza Richards, and Past or Portal?: Teaching Undergraduates Using Special Collections and Archives, edited by Eleanor Mitchell, Peggy Seiden, and Suzy Taraba. In her classes, which focus on nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and textual materiality, students often contribute to a blog or digital exhibition, learning how to read and enrich the information infrastructure of the texts they engage. She has curated exhibitions about H. L. Mencken, Stephen Crane, John Barth, and most recently, Edgar Allan Poe.