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Ilya Shpitser

ILYA SHPITSER is a John C. Malone Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and is a core faculty member in the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare.

Dr. Shpitser studies causal inference, which is the discovery of cause effect relationships from observational data, using appropriate assumptions, and missing data, particularly using graphical models. Recent applications of his work have included developing methods to define difference between causation and association in observational medical data. In collaboration with clinicians in the School of Medicine, he applies these methods to data analysis problems in health care, medicine, and epidemiology.

Previously, Dr. Shpitser was a lecturer in statistics at the University of Southampton, and a research associate at the causal inference group headed by James M. Robins at the Harvard School of Public Health. He received his PhD under the supervision of Judea Pearl at the University of California, Los Angeles.