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Joseph Katz

KatzJosephJOSEPH KATZ, the William F. Ward Sr. Distinguished Professor, completed his undergraduate studies at Tel Aviv University and his graduate studies at Caltech. Dr. Katz joined Johns Hopkins in 1988 as an assistant professor and has been a professor of mechanical engineering for over 10 years. In addition, he manages the Laboratory for Experimental Fluid Dynamics and is technical editor of the Journal for Fluids Engineering. Dr. Katz’s research extends over a wide range of fields, with a common theme involving experimental fluid mechanics and development of advanced diagnostics techniques, including particle image velocimetry (PIV) and holography. Other research interests include cavitation phenomena, multiphase flows, complex flow structure and turbulence within turbomachines, and flow structure and turbulence in the bottom boundary layer of the coastal ocean. Dr. Katz has also developed porous lubricated nozzles and mixing tubes for preventing wear in abrasive water jets used for cutting, and is president of Lubrijet, Inc. Lubrijet is start-up company pursuing commercialization of this innovative, cost-cutting technology. Dr. Katz is widely published and received the 2004 Fluids Engineering Award for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which recognized outstanding contributions over a period of years to the engineering profession and, in particular, to the field of fluids engineering through research, practice or teaching.