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Randall M. Packard

PackardRandallRANDALL M. PACKARD, a world-renowned expert in the study of international health and non-Western medicine, is the William H. Welch Professor in the History of Medicine. He has studied the social issues that affect public health responses to epidemic diseases, including AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. He served as a U.S. Peace Corps public health worker in Uganda, a research fellow at the University College of Swaziland, and a research associate in Zaire at the Institute for Scientific Research in Central Africa. From 1987 to 1991, he was chairman of the Social Sciences Research Council’s Joint Committee on African Studies. Dr. Packard is the author of two books, the co-editor of four others, and the author of more than 25 scientific articles. Dr. Packard also directs the History of Medicine Institute.