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Wilton B. Fowler

FowlerWiltonWILTON B. FOWLER, the Freeman Foundation Professor of History, comes to the Hopkins-Nanjing Center from the history department of the University of Washington’s main campus in Seattle, where he has been full professor since 1978 and chaired the department for much of the 1980s. He has taught numerous undergraduate survey and American diplomatic history courses. Dr. Fowler has also directed the work of a large number of graduate students, including 25 PhDs, almost all in the field of the history of American foreign policy. He has published two books and a number of articles and has two major projects underway: a scholarly edition of the diaries of Woodrow Wilson advisor Col. Edward M. House, and a book on Wilson and the first World War. He also has research interests in the 19th century U.S. and in military history. Dr. Fowler is an adjunct professor of strategy and policy at the U.S. Naval War College, where he teaches a course focusing on case studies from the Peloponnesian War to the Gulf War. He earned his PhD from Yale.