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Milton T. Edgerton, M.D. Professorship in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

EdgertonMiltonMILTON THOMAS EDGERTON, Med 1944, played a pivotal role in the history of plastic surgery at Johns Hopkins.

After earning his medical degree at Johns Hopkins and serving as captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, Dr. Edgerton returned to Johns Hopkins in 1951, completed a residency in surgery and, following his term as the first official resident in the division of plastic surgery, he became board certified in both surgery and plastic surgery that same year. While serving under Dr. Alfred Blalock, Dr. Edgerton established the Division of Plastic Surgery and also created the Johns Hopkins Plastic Surgery Training Program, which he directed until 1971. Dr. Edgerton served as the first full-time chief of plastic surgery and plastic surgeon-in-chief, in addition to holding the position of professor of plastic surgery. He lectured throughout the country on a variety of topics in plastic surgery. His research focused on work related to pediatric patients with craniofacial deformities. He was the first plastic surgeon to correct orbital hypertelorism, and he co-authored the first textbook on human ear construction. After 16 years at Hopkins, he became chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery and then chair of the Department of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Virginia Medical Center where he remained for the duration of his career. Dr. Edgerton authored more than 500 peer-reviewed medical papers and four medical textbooks throughout his career.