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Doctors David S. and Marilyn M. Zamierowski Directorship

ZamierowskiDavidMaryDAVID S., Med 1968, and MARY M. ZAMIEROWSKI met on the tennis courts behind Reed Hall at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine during the start of fall classes in 1967. David was a senior medical student and Mary was a first-year graduate student in Lehninger’s Biochemistry Department. David proposed three weeks after they met and they were married over spring break. It took David 10 years from that point to become double board certified in general surgery and plastic surgery and to complete two years in the Army (he was drafted after an internship at the University of Pittsburgh) during which time he received two Bronze Stars for achievement in Vietnam. Mary went back to her PhD studies while the couple was at Vanderbilt University and they stayed in Nashville until she completed her degree. It was there they became acquainted with the work on growth factors of future Nobel Laureate Stanley Cohen, MD, which later led David to found the Wound Care Centers of Kansas City. After David completed his residency in plastic surgery and Mary her post-doc fellowship at the University of Kansas, they settled in Kansas City and they raised their daughters Amy and Nancy there. While in Kansas City, David looked for a delivery system for growth factors and subsequently developed his surface dressing and surgical wound devices. For the last 15 years, David has worked as a consultant for Kinetic Concepts, Inc., of San Antonio, and his portfolio of U.S. and foreign issued and filed patents now totals over 50. March 2008 marked David and Mary’s 40th wedding anniversary and that spring marked David’s 40th Reunion. They are pleased to celebrate both milestones with a gift to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the institution “that formed our vision and goals and was the bedrock of our education. We believe that simulation offers a tremendous opportunity to reproduce the mentoring environment in which we were trained.”