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The Jules Edlow, M.D. and Joan Edlow Endowed Fund in Diabetes

David E. Trueblood said, “A man has at least made a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he will never sit.” Through this magnanimous legacy gift, JULES B. EDLOW has planted trees whose shade will benefit millions of people who suffer from diabetes by fueling medical discovery and compassionate care.

In 1943, Jules Edlow enlisted in the U.S. Navy. For three years, he served with the Fleet Marine Corps. After discharge, he pursued undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. During the summers, he worked alternately as a butcher, a shoe salesman, and a medical laboratory technician. Dr. Edlow graduated from the University of Maryland Medical School in 1953. A clinical pathologist by training, he wrote and practiced in the community for over 60 years. His research and publication legacy includes topics such as neonatal Klinefelter’s Syndrome and the effects of irradiation on in utero fetal tissue. His wife, JOAN Edlow, was a talented watercolor painter. Johns Hopkins remains deeply grateful for Dr. and Mrs. Edlow’s vision for the future of medical care, their desire to relieve others’ suffering, and their hope in the promise of medicine.