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Felix Posen Professorship in Modern Jewish History

PosenFelixFELIX POSEN, A&S 1948, focuses his energy and substantial resources on educating the world about the cultural, intellectual, scientific, economic, and historical contributions of Jews over the centuries. He retired in 1992 as a partner of what was then the largest international trading firm dealing in oil, metal and minerals, and coal. Mr. Posen has been the main support of the well-known Center for the Study of Antisemitism at Hebrew University, which also houses the Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism. In 1992 he established two colleges in Israel: Alma Hebrew College in Tel Aviv and Meitar, the College of Pluralistic Judaism in Jerusalem. In 2001 he initiated educational programs on secular Judaism at seven Israeli institutions of higher learning. Mr. Posen is vice chairman of the International Federation of Secular Humanistic Jews, an association linking national organizations in Europe, North and South America, Israel, Australia, and countries of the former Soviet Union. He is governor emeritus and an honorary fellow of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and was awarded both an honorary fellowship and doctorate by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.