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Fred and Juliet Soper Professorship in Health Policy and Management


FRED LOWE SOPER, DrPH ‘25, MPH ’23 (1893-1977), a world authority on yellow fever, was associated with the Rockefeller Foundation for 30 years, ending as the regional director for Africa and the Middle East. He also directed the bureau now known as the Pan American Health Organization and the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for the Americas. He lived in Brazil with his wife JULIET for 23 years, and is credited with eliminating the malaria vector, A. Gambia, from Brazil and Egypt. He received the first Lasker Award in 1946 “for his splendid organization of eradication campaigns against yellow fever and malaria which have set new standards in the fight to defeat these diseases.” Throughout his long and distinguished career, Dr. Soper was an ardent advocate of disease eradication; his work touched the lives of inhabitants on five continents.