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Guerrieri Family Professorship in Ophthalmology in the Center for Genetic Engineering & Molecular Ophthalmology at the Wilmer Institute

GuerrieriAlanThe GUERRIERI FAMILY FOUNDATION, headed by M. ALAN GUERRIERI, has generously supported Hopkins in many ways, including funding for the Guerrieri Family Reception Area in the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center. In 1994, the foundation provided support to create the Alan Guerrieri Family Research Endowment in Retinal Diseases at the Wilmer Eye Institute, the radiology viewing room in the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, and the Alan Guerrieri Family Education Fund in the Department of Medicine.

Past president of his family’s business, Showell Farms, Alan Guerrieri guided the poultry processing business to great success; ultimately it was sold to Perdue Incorporated. Alan Guerrieri is a member of the Wilmer Advisory Council, as was his late wife, PATTY GUERRIERI, and Mr. Guerrieri is a past member of the National Council for Johns Hopkins Medicine.