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Chung Ju Yung Distinguished Professorship in International Economics and Business

YungChungCHUNG JU YUNG was the founder and honorary chairman of Korea’s HYUNDAI BUSINESS GROUP. He was instrumental in promoting economic development and business cooperation between South and North Korea. In 1977, Chung Ju Yung established the Asan Foundation, a non-profit social welfare organization, as part of his philanthropic commitment to the improvement of social welfare services in Korea. Since its establishment, the foundation has provided medical services for those living in areas with limited access to medical facilities, supported social welfare organizations by providing care for senior citizens and disabled children, awarded scholarships to talented students and scholars, and provided financial support for research and development programs in science and technology. In 1995, Chung Ju Yung was awarded an honorary doctorate by the university. He died in March 2001 at the age of 86.