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Independence Foundation Chair in Nursing Education

WarnerTheodoreOn October 31, 1989, the INDEPENDENCE FOUNDATION of Philadelphia made substantial awards to nine of the nation’s top nursing schools, including Johns Hopkins, to create at each an Independence Chair in Nursing. The foundation, established in 1961, began to focus on the national nursing shortage in 1985. Robert A. Maes, president of the foundation at the time the nine endowments were announced, said that the interest from the grant should allow nursing programs to engage in long-term planning that would ensure the future of nursing education. “Unlike medical programs, nursing programs have not been richly endowed and, consequently, funds for planning have been scarce,” he observed. The policy of support for nursing continued under the leadership of the subsequent foundation president, Theodore K. Warner (pictured), who served from 1993 to 1996.

“This chair allows me to advance my program of research in preventing and responding to the negative health consequences of gender-based violence in the US and globally.” – Nancy E. Glass, PhD, MPH, MS, RN