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The Saul and Doris Farber Professorship in Clinical Care and Investigation in Pediatric Oncology

JOSHUA FARBER, MD, and his wife NANCY HARDY, MD, along with their friends and family, established the Saul and Doris Farber Professorship to honor the legacy of Josh’s parents, Saul and Doris, and to recognize the efforts of the faculty who worked to help their son Daniel win his battle with leukemia. The professorship expresses their profound thanks for those whose had cared for their son, and whose dedication and perseverance had rendered his disease curable.

Josh’s father, Saul, was also a physician and held many leadership posts in American medicine, though perhaps his greatest impact was as an educator and role model for generations of physicians at NYU and Bellevue Hospital. His wife, Doris Farber, JD, owned and operated the family’s retail furniture store. After retiring from the family business, Mrs. Farber helped in managing the social aspects of Dr. Farber’s career, and was an avid participant in New York’s civic and cultural life.

In recognition of the impact Saul and Doris had on their family and their community, Josh believes it is a fitting tribute to provide an endowment in his parents’ names, contributing to the ongoing efforts to cure childhood cancers while also recognizing the work of a physician-scientist who meant so much to his family.