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The Knights Templar Eye Foundation Professorship in Ophthalmology

Founded in 1956, the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR EYE FOUNDATION (KTEF) has as its mission “to improve vision through research, education and supporting access to care.”

The relationship between the Knights Templar Eye Foundation and the Wilmer Eye Institute dates to 1985, the year in which Alfred Edward Maumenee Jr., MD, established the Scientific Advisory Committee. Maumenee, a Knight himself, served as director of the Wilmer Eye Institute from 1955 until 1979. In its early years, the Scientific Advisory Committee of KTEF consisted of five distinguished ophthalmologists from across the United States who screened all grant proposals for research in pediatric ophthalmology. For almost 30 years, Wilmer faculty members have been awarded grants from KTEF for various pediatric ophthalmology endeavors.

In 2016, the Knights Templar expanded its support of Wilmer by endowing the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Professorship in Ophthalmology in order to allow a carefully selected Wilmer clinician and clinician-researcher to explore and develop new treatments for eye diseases and dysfunction.