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Hugh P. McCormick Family Professorship in Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology

MccormickHughHUGH P. McCORMICK JR., A&S 1942, is a retired executive of McCormick & Co., the international specialty food company founded in 1889 by his great-uncle. While a Hopkins undergraduate, he participated in the wrestling team and was captain of both the swimming and football teams. Mr. McCormick and his wife, JOY McCORMICK, completed funding of this professorship, initiated by his mother, Mary C. McCormick. In 1984, Joy and Hugh McCormick’s daughter, Mary McCormick Meyer, first received care at the Hopkins Diabetes Center, spurring the family’s interest and support. The McCormicks are intrigued by the rapid advances in stem cell research and are optimistic that one day scientists will find a cure for diabetes. (Mr. McCormick and Mary McCormick Meyer are pictured.)