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Stermer Family Professorship in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

StermerRichardAudreyMore than a quarter of those who suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are under 20 years of age. These diseases, which include ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, are chronic conditions that cause inflammation and ulceration in the inner lining of the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in a host of painful problems that range from cramps and bleeding to joint soreness. This professorship provides resources to a distinguished faculty member engaged in finding ways to alleviate the suffering of children affected by inflammatory bowel disease. Because of their interest in helping youngsters, RICHARD and AUDREY STERMER became involved with the Hopkins Children’s Center in the early 1990s through its annual telethon. Sometime later, two of their own four children developed inflammatory bowel disease, motivating them to focus their support of the Children’s Center in this area. The couple moved from Baltimore to Colorado after Mr. Stermer’s retirement from a career in structural engineering, but continue their involvement with the Children’s Center. They have supported both research and clinical initiatives in pediatric gastroenterology specifically designated for the Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center. (Pictured are Richard and Audrey Stermer, seated, with their children and grandchildren.)