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Charles D. Miller Professorship

Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Established in 2004 by Charles D. Miller

Held by Erin Aeran Chung

ChungErinERIN AERAN CHUNG, the inaugural Charles D. Miller Professor, joined the Hopkins faculty in the Department of Political Science in 2004, where she teaches courses in comparative politics and East Asian politics. Prior to her arrival in Baltimore, Dr. Chung was an advanced research fellow at Harvard University’s program on U.S.-Japan relations. Her recent publications include “The Korean Citizen in Japanese Civil Society” in Japan’s Diversity Dilemma and “Exercising Citizenship: Koreans Living in Japan,” which appeared in the journal Asian Perspective. She is currently writing Diversifying Democracy: Citizenship, Nationality, and the Politics of Immigration in Japan, which examines the relationship between citizenship policies and non-citizen political behavior in Japan.