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Joseph and Bertha Bernstein Professorship

Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Established in 2017 by David H. Bernstein

DAVID H. BERNSTEIN was the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, past chairman of the Board of Directors (1986 – 1993), and was director and co-founder of Duty Free International, Inc. since its formation in 1983. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Bernstein began his association with the duty free industry with the Samuel Meisel and Company, Inc., currently DFI’s diplomatic and wholesale division. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 1957, Mr. Bernstein worked in a variety of positions at Meisel until his appointment to president in 1966 when the company incorporated, a position he maintained until May of 1992. Mr. Bernstein also served as president of the International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores, a position he had held for 18 years, and he is currently still a member of the Board. Mr. Bernstein is a past chairman of the board of Sinai Hospital of Baltimore. Additionally, in 1990, Mr. Bernstein was elected to the Board of Trustees of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is currently an Emeritus member, and in 1993 to the Board of Trustees of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. He was the inaugural chair of the Arts and Sciences Advisory Board. He is also a member of the Johns Hopkins Medical Board and Johns Hopkins Medicine International Board. Mr. Bernstein is also one of the owners of the Baltimore Orioles, an American League baseball team in the United States.

Held by Daniel Schlozman

DANIEL SCHLOZMAN is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University, where he teaches courses on parties and elections, Congress, and the welfare state. He is the author of When Movements Anchor Parties: Electoral Alignments in American History (Princeton University Press, 2015), winner of the 2016 Tilly prize for the best book on collective behavior and social movements. He is now writing two books, one, with Sam Rosenfeld at Colgate University, on the development of what they term “hollow parties” from the Jacksonian Era to the age of Trump, and the other on the relationship between the rise of finance and center-left parties in the United States and the United Kingdom. His essays have appeared in outlets such as n+1 and The Nation. He holds an AB and PhD from Harvard University.