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Theodore and Vada Stanley Distinguished Professorship in Neurovirology in Pediatrics

School of Medicine

Established in 1998 by the Theodore and Vada Stanley Foundation

StanleyTheodoreVadaThe late THEODORE and VADA STANLEY were major supporters to Johns Hopkins, both Medicine and University, for more than twenty-five years. There are countless signs all across Johns Hopkins reminding us of the power of the Stanley’s philanthropy. From the crepe myrtle bush planted in memory of Ted and Vada in our hospital courtyard, to the named “Stanley Division of Pediatric Neurovirology”, and to the number of Stanley Scholars for whom every summer have the opportunity to conduct research side by side with faculty in The Stanley Lab. With a combined giving history exceeding $62M, the Stanley’s were committed to supporting mental health related research in more than twelve departments across Johns Hopkins, from molecular psychiatry to epidemiology, pediatrics to mental health, and neurobiology to neuroimaging.

Held by Robert H. Yolken

YolkenRobertROBERT H. YOLKEN, the Theodore and Vada Stanley Distinguished Professor of Neurovirology in Pediatrics, chairs the Division of Pediatric Neurovirology at the Children’s Center. A member of the faculty since 1979, he has written more than 200 journal articles. Dr. Yolken’s research into serious psychiatric diseases focuses on determining the cellular bases of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He has identified a previously unknown virus in the brain tissue of people with schizophrenia, leading him to suggest that in the future, antiviral medications might be developed to treat or prevent schizophrenia in some individuals.