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W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Endowed Professorship in Neuroimmunology

School of Medicine

Established in 2003 by the W. W. Smith Charitable Trust

The W.W. SMITH CHARITABLE TRUST was established in 1976 through the vision of the late WILLIAM WIKOFF SMITH, an industrialist, philanthropist, family man, and ship enthusiast. Throughout his life, he was dedicated to the belief that one’s good fortune should be shared with others, particularly institutions of higher learning and academic medical centers. He died in 1976. His wife, MARY L. SMITH, a former Hopkins trustee, continues to manage the trust, maintaining a keen interest in its growth and development.

Held by Daniel B. Drachman

DrachmanDanielDANIEL B. DRACHMAN, the inaugural W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Endowed Professor of Neuroimmunology, is a leading authority on myasthenia gravis and other neuromuscular diseases, especially those that involve auto-immunity. He is a founding member of Hopkins’ Department of Neurology which was established in 1969. An outstanding teacher, mentor and lecturer, he has received many honors and awards including the 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Federation of Neurology.